Over the River and through the Woods…

For years now, the kids have been trying to get me to go to my mom’s for Christmas… It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with mom, I love to spend time with mom.  It’s that I don’t want to go anywhere in the winter. Not due to the weather and traveling, because of the horses and mules.  If anything is going to go wrong, it’s in the winter. Frozen water, a storm blows a tree across the fence, or one of them slips and falls. Winter is tough enough, and when is Christmas…winter!!!  But after a lot of arm twisting and begging, promises to come to the ranch every day and check on the herd along with dog sitting Trailhead Supply’s shop dog Odie, I said ok. So, its official, the wife and I are going to my mom’s for Christmas.  She is excited, really excited. So excited, she has already been grocery shopping twice stocking up for the 4 ½ days I’m going to be there. Now everyone thinks their mom is the best cook ever. Sorry, my mom has everyone beat hands down.  She is planning all my favorites. There are those family recipes that are handed down from generation to generation…Like mom’s sugar cookies, just unreal good and my sister, my wife and my girls have all mastered mom’s sugar cookies. But the one thing we have all tried to replicate is her peanut butter fudge, but we can’t. Can’t even get close!!  Melt in your mouth silky smooth peanut butter fudge. So, as the word gets out that I’m heading to the wetside of Washington for Christmas I’m asked “Going to see your Mom?” “Bringing back fudge?” Next thing I know someone is dropping off another large pyrex baking dish…If she doesn’t mind I’d take some fudge. I’m not worried about the animals Syd will probably take better care of them than I do. Winter is going to be winter cold and snowy, but who cares I’ll be baking cookies and eating fudge…and drinking a lot of coffee, even though it doesn’t come out of a blue speckled pot over there its paper cups with misspelled names, I don’t get it!

See you on the trail.


Remember national cookie day is this week make some memories with our horse and mule cookie cutters…

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