New Year!

Its that time of year where we all reflect on the past and plan for the future. Here at Trailhead Supply we are no different. We had a great 2018, We were blessed to move into a new facility where we have the room to not only expand our retail space but also combine our manufacturing under the same roof. Not saying there wasn’t a few hurdles and some hiccups along the way. We are all moved in and close to being settled. 

Now for the looking ahead part…All of us at Trailhead Supply, believes strongly in education. So, to reach out and help packers and trail riders at every level we have the following…

  • Coffee with Andy, our weekly blog covering an array of topics. After a brief intermission it is up and going again, there is only so many hours in a day and with our move….Well, I don’t need to explain you’ve all been there. Watch for it every Wednesday morning on our Facebook page, or sign up to receive it directly in your inbox.
  • Our You Tube channel, for those of you like myself who learn better by watching than reading.
  • And of course all of the social media pages Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, keeping you up to date on our never changing schedules, pack clinics and happenings around Trailhead Supply.

If you ever have a question, need some help, can’t find an answer, contact us we would love to help you conquer the problem, get the confidence and get out on the trail and make miles of memories… We have a great and knowledgeable team at Trailhead Supply. Let us be your go to resource. 

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Until next time.

See you on the Trail


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