January is the new Spring

As I drove in early this morning, earlier than normal, on super slick roads, freezing rain was falling on top of all our snow we already have. What a slick mess!!!  As I slid around a corner I looked over and told Odie (Trailhead Supply’s shop dog and my co-pilot) not to worry, spring was right around the corner.  How can I say that?  Since you are reading this while having a big cup of coffee trying to warm up after shoveling the car out once again. Because this week I didn’t have coffee with the regulars sitting around Trailhead Supply’s coffee pot. I had coffee with Spotted Bear’s new head Ranger for the Bob Marshall Wilderness and his two head trail guys. It is the official start to my spring, planning pack support and projects that need some extra logistical planning.  All the important items were discussed. This needs to be done early, but we won’t be able to cross the creek till…. Are we packing in new windows for Shaw Cabin’s hay barn this year? This is the never-ending saga, should we should we not.  Then everyone looks at me at once, “Why are you only doing pack trips nothing as far as trail building or running a cross cut?”  Well I love to pack, I’m getting older, I’ve had my shoulder rebuilt and did I say I love to pack!!!   We all drank way too much coffee, I’m sure the waitress was glad to see us finally leave.  It was good to come out of hibernation if only for a few hours.  It also reminds me of all the repairs I need to get done before the snow does melt.  All the tack I never got oiled and that I should check the brakes on my trailer.  Spring is coming and it will be here before you know it. Get ready make those plans, put in for vacation. There are so many memories to be made and so many trails to ride.

See you on the trail…


PS- We are going live on Facebook tonight at 6pm MST to announce a new product! Join us!!

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