I've Seen the Light

I’m not sure if this winter is lasting longer than past ones. It could be there is just way more snow than years past. Maybe it’s just more days of subzero temps, frozen stock tanks, and auto waterers. I’m not sure the reason cabin fever is really setting in as fast as it is. But I do know that trudging around in thigh deep snow in the dark both in the morning and the evening pulling a sled loaded with hay is just plain getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting by a warm glowing, crackling campfire enjoying a big cup of hot coffee, and looking up at the stars and trying to find the big dipper. As an FYI the Big Dipper is the only star deal I can identify!!!  But other than a fun evening around the fire, I need light and a lot of it. My wife follows me around the house turning lights off that I leave on while reminding me between the power bill and the hay for my mules I’ll never be able to retire.  This year I have burned up, lost, broke, bought batteries for, disassembled, reassembled, and broke it again, more headlamps than I have in a lifetime combined. I have held flashlights in my teeth while out feeding.  If the snow ever melts I’m sure there will be a pile of broken lighting device carcasses laying across the pasture where I have gotten just flat pissed and tossed them as far as my rebuilt shoulder would allow me to throw them. Then one day a few weeks ago Trailhead Supply’s phone rang it was some gal who wanted to send me a free flashlight.  I said send it. I’m always willing to try free stuff out.  She told me to look for the red envelope.  In a few days, the mail lady handed me a red envelope. In it was a little red flash light; I turned it on and was blinded!!!   I could only see dots… I took it home and fed that night using it. That light was GREAT! In a few days, I received a call from my new friend wanting to know how I liked the little light.  I asked, did they make a head light…She said for your car? I said no, for my hat.   Oh, you mean hands free.  Whatever send me a case.  It has been a month, still running on the same batteries that came in it, still just as bright, and I haven’t broken it yet.  The mules don’t like it at all, it blinds them, oh well they are getting fed. I can see what I’m doing, and it has sped up the process enough I can pour another cup of coffee before leaving for the store in the morning.  Have a great week remember its only 41 days till spring. Now go pour another cup and think of warmer days ahead.

What do you use for light when feeding? In need of a new one? I love this new headlight so much, we are now selling them at the store. Check them out here.

See you on the trail.


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  • Trailhead Supply says...

    Cathie- Here is a link to my new one: http://www.trailheadsupply.com/collections/camping-supplies/products/nebo-duo-headlamp

    February 12, 2017

  • Cathie Christie says...

    Don’t know what I would do without my headlamp…I wear it strapped around the crown of my western hat & just leave it there all the time…no fumbling to find, just reach & light…!
    What brand is your new light, I could use another reliable one. Cath in WA

    February 09, 2017

  • Scott says...

    Well, seeing as I’m an Electrician…I just installed some floodlights that I can switch on for feeding. Ran direct-burial cable to a couple locations and mounted some floods on a pole.

    February 08, 2017

  • Kathy Young says...

    Whoa… seeing spots.

    February 08, 2017

  • Sharon Stratton says...

    Another great blog as usual! We will be in to get a headlamp!

    February 08, 2017

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