It's Time...

It is officially here. That time of year where all at once everyone loads the ponies and heads to the hills.  It’s not a date on the calendar.  There are no Hallmark cards to send out celebrating the start of packing season, it just happens. It’s more like a calling. I can’t explain it, and you won’t really understand unless you pack. For the last couple of weeks every morning my phone starts ringing at 5:30 am. It’s all my packer friends driving across this big country we live in. They aren’t just bored driving mile after mile pulling that trailer load of mules to some pack station somewhere; they are excited about the season ahead. They tell stories to me of past trips and visions of trips yet to come.  I hear the woes of their journey so far; fighting with livestock inspectors while crossing state lines with stock. The joys of the new trail dog they picked up along the way, and trail conditions that are already filtering out of the hills back to civilization. It’s also that time of year when everyone drags out those beat up old pack saddles and hauls them into their local saddle shop with hopes they can be patched together for another season. There are some folks who finally do the math and put a pencil to it and realize it is cheaper to just buy a new saddle that dumping time and money into the saddle that has been with them for so many miles.  I love seeing those old pack saddles come through the shop for repair. Those saddles have a list of mule names wrote on them and crossed off every time that animal is replaced. Miles of memories, man if those saddles could just talk. The wreck stories have already started… Trying to string a green string together, or just adding a new young mule changes the whole dynamic of the string, oh and they’ll let you know who they don’t like behind them….For those of you that stop by Trailhead Supply and tell me how you have always wanted to pack…Now is the time, saddle up, get out on the trail and make some dust while making memories, Its time.. All of us at Trailhead Supply want to thank all of you for letting us be part of your miles of memories.

See you on the trail!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us we are here to help you.

Photo credit: @2Bar6mulepacker

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  • Cathie in WA says...

    Dear Andy & the Trailhead Team…
    I so enjoy your blog…it’s an interlude in my day on the computer researching homes & lands for my clients to purchase in the immediate future.
    Needless to say, I long to be out on the trail, but one needs to make hay in its ripe season…the trails will need to wait for me and my Appaloosa to enjoy them a little later in the season.
    Stay safe on those trails, & send your stories back to feed my soul.

    May 23, 2018

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