It's Time!!

There are only so many days a year I can embrace my passion of packing here in Northwest Montana.  Mostly due to snow pack in the high mountain passes.  This year Mother Nature got off her meds and didn’t play fair and there isn’t just snow pack lingering in the high passes, but all the way down in the lowlands.  The topic of conversation around the world-famous coffee pot at Trailhead Supply is trail conditions and when is the snow leaving.  The issue is when the snow does melt, and the trails start opening up, the water is running so high and fast you can’t safely cross.  Last weekend I headed down to my favorite trailhead, Owl Packer Camp, to pack in a short string loaded with jack hammers and tools for a Forest Service trail crew to do some prep work for an upcoming blasting project.  As we rolled into our normal parking spot at the trailhead there were three horse trailers parked in my spot.  After parking, else where, I walked over to see some good friends camped there. I asked where were their horses and mules.  They laughed and said we can’t get anywhere so we left them at home, but it’s time. We are tired of waiting one said, so we came down to just camp, smell the clean air, and have a cup of coffee with you by the fire.  Well we probably stayed up to late… (who keeps time in the back country) The next morning I was up at 5 saddled, had one, well 2 more cups of coffee, swung up in the saddle, and headed down the trail like a big dog. We made it three whole miles from the trailhead and dropped off my load right at snow line.  It felt good …No it felt great!!! Felt like we cruised 30 miles not three. God did it feel good to get out on the trail.  Its Time!!! If you haven’t got out yet, saddle up, hit the trail, it’s good for the soul….

See you on the Trail


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    June 09, 2017

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