It’s Here…

Well it finally got here, you know…SPRING!!!  It stopped snowing for the most part, in fact all 3 feet of snow that we have in the driveway has started to melt.  But here is the deal at our ranch, spring is officially the 21st.  Spring is not the 20th for two reasons. First, you can’t have observed something on a given date for 50 something years of life on a certain date and then because someone says “whoops” the earth is revolving at a different speed around the moon or whatever, then up and change the date, that’s just dumb.   The second and most important reason is, the 21st is my wife’s birthday and she was born on the first day of spring and her birthday will always be on the first day of spring!!!  Doesn’t really matter to me which date you celebrate the first day of spring on as long as it makes you happy. Spring gives us a fresh start. This year was a long cold snowy winter and I will be glad to have two first days of spring.  Now, get ready to hit the trail.  Drag out all those saddles and get to oiling them up, replace all those old and cracked straps. I had a Forest Service packer stop by today; she needed some pack saddle parts to ready her deckers for the upcoming season. Then she ordered a new half breed while she was here and said “mine just won’t make another season…” We got to chatting about upcoming trips, if and when the snow ever melts off the mountain passes. It’s funny that just a date on the calendar can bring so much hope and optimism.  I still have the same amount of snow in the yard, but its spring… Really it’s my wife’s birthday.

See you on the trail (sooner than you think)


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  • Cathie says...

    So nice to meet the three of you at our BCH Rendezvous on Saturday in Ellensburg, WA. Thanks for bringing me the saw. Cath in WA

    March 21, 2018

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