It’s All In the Name……

I was having coffee this morning while chatting on the computer with a friend.  When I happened to type my horses name ….The question was asked why did you name your horse Chop?  So, I started to explain that when I got her, her name was Sundance princes of la dee da dee da……or something like that.  But she was way over weight and as I went to load her to bring her home I said, come on Pork Chop, get in the trailer.  In turn I shortened it to Chop. 

My wife thinks it’s just horrible that I named her something that is based on her girth size…..Oh well it works, and everyone on the trail knows her by Chop.  So, Chop it is.  Once upon a time ago we breed horses, and yes, we tagged in all the lineage names, but like everyone does we called them something totally different.  Then why not just put on the registration papers “CHOP?” Most horses and mules I own have a short easy name, but really they have several names depending on their daily attitude.  Some names will change as owners change and what that animal is used for. If the horse was owned by a little girl chances are it has princess somewhere in there and I will take no princess in the back country. So, names change to reflect the toughness of the trail (for me anyways).  I have a friend that’s an outfitter and he no longer names his stock, but numbers them for inventory and tax reasons. For example he rides 101.  I’m not sure why horses have to be so tough to name when on the other hand dogs are so easy. Rex, Spot etc.  The question I was asked over coffee this morning was… could I write a short blog about naming horses and how or why did you name your horse or mule what you did.  So, there you have it, go ahead comment away….

PS Here’s a list of ours:

Mules: Margo, Molly, Lucy, Roger, and Abner.

Horses: Gus, Miss T, Angel, Jackie, Sis, Chop, and Cowboy.

Left to right: Miss T, Chop, Roger, Margo, Sis

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  • Kathy Young says...

    I have Kanoka … that name is a conversation starter. " WHAT DOES KANOKA MEAN?" She’s an appy and of course her name sounds like an Indian name, right?
    So I havw asked every Native American I meet what Kanoka means, and they really think about it.
    Then, I swear…..they make something up.??

    June 21, 2016

  • Jim Morris says...

    Andy, Chop sounds as good as anything. Had a friend owned a horse he called Admiral, and we live in the desert. Go figure.

    June 21, 2016

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