Hot Days Ahead

Summer is just around the corner; the days are getting longer and hotter.  We do whatever we can to stay cool out in that hot sun, but what about the stock? They are the real work horses here (no pun intended) Carrying my fat butt up and down those long grades along with all those hard-working mules, packing who knows what today, it’s just plain hard work. My horses and mules are in shape, they are used daily, not like most of the trail users who only get out when they can escape from the day to day responsibilities of life. How do we prepare them for the hot journey ahead? First get them in shape. We all do the same thing. Quick ride after work, you grab your favorite ride, and in the trailer, he or she goes off to the trail head leaving the rest at home waiting for a big adventure when they all need to go.  I always take one or two extras.  Pony them along for the exercise, it’s good for them. Plan your big trips for early morning riding before it gets to hot out. Slow the pace down a little.  Even with all the pre-trip preparation the heat may still get to your beloved steed.  That’s why I carry a tube of electrolytes in the first aid kit I carry in my saddlebags.  There are two forms of electrolytes.  First, the powder or pelleted type that you add to water; this is like what the football players are drinking on the sidelines between plays. Second, the paste form, in a tube, this is for the player who is collapsing and can’t make it to the side lines. I’ve had to use my electrolyte paste a couple of times, I cannot believe how well and how fast it works.  Now it’s going to make them thirsty which is a good thing, so, don’t skip a creek crossing without giving them a chance to drink.  So, remember start the day off letting the stock drink all the water they want and this would be a great time to have another cup of coffee…

See you on the trail.


Trailhead Supply Equine Electrolytes by TechMix Bluelite jel

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  • Trailhead Supply says...

    Hi Ed,

    Great question! We will do a blog about the contents of our entire first aid kit soon.

    May 31, 2017

  • Ed says...

    What else do you have in that first aid kit?

    May 31, 2017

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