Horn Bags!

I was interviewed for a magazine article here a while back.  This is one of the questions I was asked….Other than your saddle what is the one piece of tack you never leave home without?  That’s easy I told them, my horn bag.  Now, my horn bag isn’t your typical horn bag with a pouch on both sides, mine has a pocket on one side and a holster on the other. Doesn’t matter which style you have, or prefer, a horn bag is a must have!!!  First off, it keeps all the important must have stuff right up in front in easy reach of the rider; so, you don’t lose anything rooting through those big over packed saddle bags behind you going down the trail.  You know your keys, wallet, cell phone, map, water bottle, and of course snacks!!  Secondly, it transfers some of the saddle bag weight forward to the front shoulders.  What most people don’t know is right under the back edge of the saddle is where your horse’s kidneys are located.  Where your saddle bags attach to the back of the saddle is right over the kidneys.  How many times have you pulled your saddle, then started to brush down your horse and they is a little ouchie toward where the back edge of the saddle was resting (sore kidneys)  So lighten the load use your horn bags. Need a horn bag? Check out one of our favorite styles here!

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