I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but here in NW Montana the red in my thermometer is banging the 100 mark. We all know what that means, it’s hay season.  That wonderful time of year you get to spend quality time outside in wide open fields picking up bales. You have a limited amount of days to buy the required amount of hay you can store to feed all the horses, mules, and assorted grass eaters hanging around the ranch for the upcoming year. If you are like me you are getting up way, way, earlier than normal and staying up later than normal to get that hay loaded and unloaded in those cooler hours of the day.  Somewhere in the middle of haying morning and night you still get to go to work so you can pay for all those overpriced grass clippings….

But it’s worth it….it really is! Watching the sunrise, working harder than you do the rest of the year. That sense of accomplishment when the barn is full is just about unmatched…Now that you are used to getting up before the alarm goes off you have time for an extra cup of coffee. Time to compare hay prices and grass verse grass alfalfa. Until next week, stay cool.

See you on the trail.


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