Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Many of you know, since a lot of you follow us on Facebook, Trailhead Supply was at the Salmon Select Sale last weekend in Salmon Idaho for the horse and mule auction. We had a great time talking and visiting over a hot cup of coffee. With any auction the topic that was discussed over and over was the selling price of the flesh running through the sale ring.  To me buying at an auction is just like Vegas.  I love the sale ring, I do my homework, the breeding, the trainer, age, color, confirmation of the animal, etc., etc., etc. …But who really knows till he or she is saddled and running down the trail?  Sometimes we find out how we did way before that. Sunday morning, most had already headed home, we were waiting to load out of the vendor building and I see some poor guy trying to load a horse into his trailer by himself. It wasn’t happening!!  So, coffee cup in one hand I offered my assistance.  We all assume they will load, well they got there…right??  The other big question is what do you do with the horse or mule you are replacing?  I was asked several times if I knew anyone looking for a lame horse? (that’s my words of course) You’ve heard this I’m sure. He’s really a good horse just can’t go on long rides anymore. Would be great for a young kid.  There is no way I’d put my kid on a crippled old horse.  Or they have one that should be running the rodeo circuit and they are afraid they will get hurt on it…Why do I want to get bucked off? Is the ground softer for me??  The best part is, they want to sell it to me!! The conversation always ends with… he just needs a job… It’s auction season, so be safe, be careful and have fun.  I love this time of year; a new horse or mule gets everyone excited to get out and ride. If you have any questions on how to fit your pack saddle to that new mule drop us a line…info@trailheadsupply.com

See you on the trail


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