So this week as I was pouring a big hot cup of coffee, eating a cookie sent to Trailhead Supply, by one of our favorite customers and friends… Bud asked me, “Is that gluten free??”

I said, “What this cookie? My guess is it’s not. It tastes too damn good to be healthy.”  As we watched the snow continue to fall and ate a few more cookies which lead to another cup of coffee and then another.  

Bud then said, “What is gluten?”

“How would I know? The healthiest thing I eat is salt, it’s all natural.”  As a side note, I had this talk with my doctor and he didn't buy my thought process about salt when we were talking about high blood pressure.....  So, I did what any young person would do in today’s world...I Googled it ... "Glutenis a mixture of proteins found in wheat and is appreciated for its viscoelastic properties. It gives elasticity to dough.”

I said, “There you have it Bud.”

“Well there has to be more to it.” Bud had a bottle of water that said Gluten free on the label…well that’s true!!  No grain in water. If it’s being added to food, why wouldn’t gluten free food cost less; since the manufacture is using less ingredients in the products?  Upon further discussion of this marketing strategy to charge more for less and make folks feel healthier by buying and using their product; I've decided to let everyone in on a secret… All of Trailhead Supply's pack saddles are now gluten free!! And if you take time and explore the back country with a Trailhead Supply pack saddle, you will feel better and want to get out more. Spending time outdoors with family and friend is a healthy thing....Well, maybe not for prolong periods of time, during the holidays....With that Merry Christmas from all of us at Trailhead Supply.


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  • Clo says...

    Gluten free… (no need to publish.).. It is the new term not from the gluten issue per say but, because modern wheat has been so genetically modified humans can’t digest it well…so.. its blamed on gluten… Celiac is a true gluten “disease” … I know first hand as was born that way…. No big issue finding things to eat and you end up eating what is better for you anyway…. Gluten free grains are high in calories and usually a lot of sugar to help with the taste… My riding mule prefers gluten free apricot bars over anything else. However,, he is known to devour bananas and other such oddities… I think marketing people are getting on the band wagon with everything… but having the sign on water is more a “here’s your sign moment”….shows just how screwed we all really are…I will be sure to keep in mind your equipment is indeed Gluten Free… just incase someone asks… and people ask some strange stuff..

    December 27, 2016

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