For Real!!!

Last Saturday I taught what should be my last pack class of the year.  Well I never really quit teaching, but the last organized one.  After all the participants had packed up and left, I sat down with my fellow instructors and recapped the day. You know the good, the bad, and thank God, no ugly. We were sharing different questions we were asked and statements that were made. This led to stories of the craziest things we’ve been asked and told while teaching pack classes or have seen on the trail.

One of the participants had asked me, “Why do you ride a mare, since they are not allowed in the Bob Marshall Wilderness?”

“Since when” I asked.

 Her reply, “It’s a Forest Service rule you should know that you pack for them….”

As I was warming up everyone’s coffee I was reminded of a story a vet friend shared.  He had made a farm call to check on a colicing horse.  As he started his rectal exam he felt a solid mass, as he felt more it was huge and hard. He was able to get his hand around it, and was able to grab it and began to retrieve it. He had removed a whole peeled onion.  The horse’s owner confessed he had inserted it for holistic pain relief. Another story…I rode all day and finally made it back to the trail head and there was a gal soaking her horses front feet. I asked if everything was ok, she said we rode almost 4 miles and I’m sure her feet are tired and sore so I thought a warm soak would be nice.  I said don’t let my mules see that we won’t get anything done. 

We all chuckle when we hear or read funny little horse stories. The real truth is these folks are out using their animals. They are sitting by a warm fire drinking coffee and telling their friends stories about their pack class instructors…Now get out there make your own stories and enjoy a warm fire and a hot cup of coffee with some good friends.

See you on the trail


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