Fish On!

Summer is here and its hot way to hot!!!   But it’s never been too hot to fish. So, around the Trailhead Supply world famous coffee pot there has been well...Some pretty big fish stories lately. You what I’m talking about; the one that got away, the new state record, no one got a picture of etc. etc. etc.  I just got back from Alaska where fishing is in full swing, big fish and everyone one getting on the plane were checking ice chest full of fillets.  I got the chance of going with my oldest daughter subsistence fishing.  Here you wade out into the Kenai river with a five foot in diameter net on a 20-foot handle and dip salmon out of the river.  Fun times even there while having coffee by the fire we were trying to decide who dipped the fish. Mike was handing my daughter the net so he could take a break when “Fish On” a big Red hit the net so he grabbed the handle back and the two of them drug it up on shore together.  After much discussion, the verdict was reached …1/2 a fish each…I had to fly south before they decided how they will do a ½ fish on their punch cards.  This weekend I’m packing planks into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and I’m sure I’ll wet a line before I head home. There is nothing like fresh trout with lemon pepper over the fire…. So, have you had a chance to get out and hook the big one?  Let us know how you did. Almost better than catching the big one in watching the sunrise and enjoying a fresh hot cup.

See you on the trail.


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