Feel the Sun

Burrrrrrrrrrrr Its got a little nippy out. -46 with the wind chill to be exact!!! We all drug the chairs a little closer to the old wood stove the last couple of days. I know I held my coffee cup a little tighter the last few mornings. The good news... I made it through another Christmas. The relatives have all left, life has went back to normal. Normal for me, but probably not normal for anyone else! What I find a little funny is Christmas is really only 4 days into winter (officially) but yet we all act like its the end of winter and we can almost feel those warm rays of sunshine of spring. Its a pivoting point in all of our lives. Those short dark days of winter are about to be driven back by the brightness of the sun. A new beginning, hope for better and warmer days ahead. There is optimism, there is planning of big adventures, readying of gear and equipment to take on challenges that lay ahead. Plans of checking something off that bucket list. A chance to do what you want to do, not what you feel you have to do. Twice a day I fight off old man winter trudging through knee deep snow in subzero temps to feed the mules check their water to ensure that its not froze ....and why??? The dream of yet another summer coming. Camping miles from anyone, cooking over the fire, and sleeping under the stars while making memories with my closest friends and family. But isn't that really what Christmas is all about?? Ever since the first Christmas....its been the time of new beginnings, of great things to come.
Pour another cup, enjoy the time around the fire with family and friends ....Get ready, a new year is almost here. Make the most of it!

God Bless

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