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What’s In Your Skillet???

So, last weekend I was out hunting with my youngest daughter. We sat down to catch our breath after successfully chasing every deer off the hill side without firing a single shot.  She asked if I would like a snack? I said what do you have, and she started laying out a small buffet….. In turn I started pulling out as much or more delectable goodies from my pack.  While basking in some unseasonably nice weather for late November in northern Montana and eating way to much great food, my daughter asked why do people eat so much better in the back country than at home?  I totally understand the question…..My grocery bill is like a hundred and change a week but a weekend in the woods $200 plus, before beverages.  We all know food taste better camping …But we really do eat better camping. It has always been that way.  I remember camping with my folks in the 1962 Aloha camper and mom had that little stove just pumping out the 5 star white linen cuisines. So, around Trailhead Supply’s coffee pot this week we were all talking about food!!!  Great subject and people work on recipes all year long not only to impress their friends around next summer’s campfire but to truly enjoy theirselves.  What is becoming my favorite endeavor is that one pot cooking.  There are some truly great meals you can cook using just one pan.  A great example of this is Dutch oven cooking.  Those truly gifted folks who have mastered the art of dutch oven cooking, God Bless you!!!!  I’m pretty good at it, but like everything those masters of the art are a blessing to have in camp.  For those of you that say cast iron is to heavy to pack into the back country GSI is putting out some great anodized aluminum dutch ovens that way 60% less than cast, and they don’t rust!!! We are going to post some great recipes soon! If you have a great dutch oven or camping recipe share it in the comments. Or if you are looking for a specific idea let us know. We are getting hungry just thinking about it!

Dutch Oven Breakfast

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  • Lori says...

    The members of Back Country Horsemen of Washington put out a great recipe book a couple of years ago with wonderful Dutch Oven recipes in it. I’m sending you a copy so you can experiment with some new recipes over the winter. They are available for sale for just $10 with s&h, just email Will you be carrying the aluminum pots and bringing them to our Rendezvous in March?

    November 23, 2016

  • Juli says...

    I must have that recipe.

    November 16, 2016

  • Jim Morris says...

    A quick n easy dessert recipe requires a white cake mix, a can of fruit pie filling and a stick of butter. Grease the sides n bottom of your Dutch oven with the butter, spread the pie filling on the bottom of the oven with a fork. Empty the cake mix on top of the pie filling breaking up lumps with your fork. Melt the stick of butter in the pie filling can and pour over the cake mix. Put the lid on and put in the coals, top n bottom for about 20 minutes. You have a quick fruit cobbler that kids love. Enjoy.

    November 16, 2016

  • Julie Keller says...

    Yummm! Great article!! Now I’m looking forward to seeing some recipes. I love one pot cooking!!

    November 16, 2016

  • Kathy Young says...

    Oh, look. Bacon.

    November 16, 2016

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