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For years now, starting with my grandfather, who called everyday ….I mean every day, at 5:30 am to have coffee with me no matter where I was in the world. Now there were days this drove me flat nuts and my wife wasn’t thrilled back when the girls were small and he woke them up. In years to follow he still woke them up just so they could say he’s not here he is still packing in the Bob Marshall….yes!! Again. Then he would talk to them at 5:30 in the morning while he had his coffee……………What we all wouldn’t do just to have those talks today……

Over the years somethings have changed but not really that much in the overall big picture. I still get up and have my morning pot of coffee and share that special time with friends and family but just not across the table but around the world via the internet. Just like days gone by at the old coffee shop, sitting under the covered porch in front of the general store, or sitting around the fire. Topics and thoughts cover the gamete and change from day to day. You can be part of these conversations and thoughts in the privacy of your own home or as you ride the bus to work in some big city (where I will never live again) on that mobile device. So, starting next Wednesday at 6am MST I’ll share the discussions and stories I get to be part of throughout the week as I enjoy that big mug of Joe and visit with my back country friends around the globe. Pour you a cup, put your feet up, and get ready… here comes the coffee wisdom.

Have another cup. ~Andy

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  • Robert Wagner says...

    6MST…….9am Eastern yippee! I’m in lol.

    November 06, 2016

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