Coffee, With a Splash of Color….

Its finally fall, cooler days, crisp mornings, beautiful colored leaves and that smell!!!  I love that autumn scent…No not pumpkin spice yuck, yuck, yuck!!!  (I almost ruined my visual) that rotting leaf smell, you know what I’m talking about.  It is truly my favorite time of year to ride. I normally get the whole trail to myself.  Why? The kids are back in school, the tourist have all went back home, and Thank You Mr. Weatherman, you once again have scared everyone into staying home and watching to see who is standing and who are the kneelers this week… Here is a person that holds all weekend activities in the palm of their hands and rarely gets it right.  So, if my daughter and I plan to go ride, we go ride, because more times than not the weather is great and the forecast is the only thing wet! Take last weekend. Forecast 80% chance of rain, winds 24-29 mph gust to 39 mph. 2 – 3 inches of snow at 5000 feet we were riding at 5500 feet. And what a weekend of sunshine!!!  Lots and lots of sunshine, and not a breath of wind.  What if the forecast was right??  Well we would still get out and ride, get a little wet, make some fun memories, build a fire, put on a pot of coffee for me and a pot of water for her to have some cocoa!!  I did pack her some marshmallows like all good dad’s do!!! It was a great day out on the trail.  No cell service, no Facebook, no TV, just quality daddy daughter time.  So, don’t worry about the weather just get out on the trail and enjoy all the fall colors with your friends and love ones.  Go pour another cup!

See you on the Trail!


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  • Jim Morris says...

    Amen Andy, amen.

    October 05, 2017

  • R Wagner says...

    Good morning Andy, good blog this morning – the fire and coffee was vivid enough to smell

    October 05, 2017

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