We probably need a little back story before I get started…  My mother in law was admitted to the hospital. She’s fine, although she had to spend the night for observation and some additional test. She has some memory issues due to a head injury when she fell off a ladder pruning a tree when she was in her upper 70’s.  My loving wife decided it would be best to spend the night at the hospital with her mother to help her from getting any more confused in her new surroundings.  So, me being the sweet loving husband that I am, decide I should get up early and bring my wife a coffee on my way into Trailhead Supply.  First, this required a call to my youngest daughter to ask what kind of coffee do I order her mother.  After she stops laughing…she says an iced mocha frappe with almond milk and lots of whip cream with a swirl of chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top...there will be some concern about the almond milk and then whip cream, since almond milk sounds like your trying to be healthy and the whip cream is like what the hell, bring on the day!!!  Which in fact does sound a lot like my wife…As I made my way to the coffee shop in the blowing snow I opened the door and realized at that moment, I had never been in a coffee shop before.  There were people sitting everywhere playing on laptops, their phones, and one guy was reading a real newspaper.

I waited my turn in line, as I approached the counter the young gal said, “What can I get you?”  as I pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket. 

“I’ll take an iced mocha frappe with almond milk and lots of whip cream with a swirl of chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top…”

She looked at me and said, “You did say almond milk and whip cream?”

I said, “Doesn’t make sense to me either, but yes.”

She said, “You don’t order coffee very often?”

Oh, I do but it normally come out of a blue speckled pot with soot on the side. And whoever is pouring knows to warm everyone’s coffee up.    But when I delivered this high priced little coffee drink to my wife I was a hero, and that’s all that matters.  But no matter how sweet she thought I was, I’m not packing sprinkles into the back country.

Now go have a cup of whip cream and I’ll see you on the trail!


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  • Wendy says...

    Awesome job! Way to take care of your wife!!! And Sydney rocks!
    Now I’ll sit back with my ice cold Coke and look at trail maps.

    February 01, 2018

  • Kathy says...

    Andy you stepped right out of your comfort zone for your fabulous Judy. You ROCK! and kudos to Syd for knowing the order.I’ll refill my cup now and lift a steaming cup to the Breland clan . G’Day!

    January 31, 2018

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