Christmas Wish List

I was recently interview for a magazine article; it was for their Christmas issue.  I was only asked one question…….What do I (Andy) want for Christmas?   Wow that’s tough, maybe I’ve made it to the age where I’ve got all I really need or maybe it’s as simple as I just truly have no idea what I would ask for. So, I ran a survey on Facebook, and in the store, to all of the walk in customers.  Most of the answers I got back were kinda what I expected. A new president…Well yeah the election will be over by Christmas so that’s dumb to ask for…………..I wasn’t expecting ….. Ask for a puppy.  This really doesn’t work either since I just got one a month ago. Several close friends said get a new horse trailer, not that I don’t need one, but mine works. Plus, all the paint is already beat off from all the fine Montana gravel roads I run on……. My oldest daughter said, well if you can have anything, ask for an Ibex hunt in Mongolia, she said You have always wanted to do that.  This idea can be lumped into all the travel and vacation suggestions category.  There were a few loyal fans that thought I should get another season of my TV show.  But one person posted get another mule!   You know that stuck with me …. I have stopped and thought about this question off and on all week and of all the posts and suggestions and comment along with conversations “Mule” keeps coming back to me….. I keep telling myself I have plenty… but yet that seems to be the answer.  So much so, I even called Enos, the guy I buy all my mules from, just to say “hi”  Thank God I got his answering machine…….because I want to stay married and divorce never made the Christmas wish list.

Enjoy the holidays.


Trailhead Supply Enos Mule

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