Brighten Things Up... Add Some Orange

With hunting season just around the corner, everyone is making plans, and beginning to start packing up for that adventure to the high country.  A trip to the store is in order to buy some of that latest and greatest gear for this years trip.  But what color gear are you buying ???  This has been the discussion around the coffee pot at Trailhead Supply.  The bow hunters always arrive first picking up certified feed and a new bow scabbards to protect that new big dollar investment.  They all seem to want camo, or green, maybe brown.  So, I ask why not orange??  Their answer…  “I bow hunt.”  Ok I get that, but you’re not chasing down that 6 point bull and shooting off the back of a galloping horse.  Your trusty riding mule isn’t belly crawling behind you through the brush and resupplying you with arrows till you make that perfect shot like some over paid caddy on the PGA tour.  No, you left him somewhere way down the hill side, tied to a big old tree, where he will stand until your return.  Then they ask, Well what color should I buy?” 

String with orange pack pads, riding horse with orange horn bag.

I say orange, I use orange…..give them a little help while tied to that tree, or going down the trail.  I’ve taught hunter education for 20 years, have hunted since I was 4 years old, your stock needs color. I know there are some folks in the woods that if it’s got 4 legs it needs to be in the freezer.   Brighten up those animals, orange pack pads, saddle bags, bow scabbards, we even have orange tree savers to help add some color while they are highlined.  You never know you might not run into the highline this year and hang yourself while walking around camp. Bonus! 

All of you non hunters, if you think that just because you don’t hunt means you shouldn’t sport some flashy orange, you’re wrong… BE SEEN  while enjoying the great outdoors.  No matter why you are out enjoying some great autumn riding and fall colors, be safe and be seen.

Happy & Safe Trails,


Need to add orange to your string? Stop by the store, or shop online. 

Orange Pack Pads

Orange Tree Savers- New Product!

Orange Bow Scabbards

Orange Horn Bags

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