Bed in the Backcountry

As the day comes to an end, you’re sitting by the fire looking up at all those stars, and taking in all the back country has to offer. Finishing off that last cold one, recapping all the miles you covered in the saddle today. One last trip over to check the stock before hitting the hay for an early start in the morning.  But its not the bed you have become accustom to, its not the bed your still making payments on to the bank. You won’t be curled up in some soft 1800 thread count Egyptian sheets, this is the wilderness many, many miles from that soft bed.  This is a very common topic around the coffee pot at Trailhead Supply. What do you sleep on, when your over nighting in the hills?  I think I’ve heard just about every option there is…More times than not it’s a weight issue. One pack animal, you’re not packing in a king size mattress.  If you drank the kool-aid like I have, and have more animals than since, well the sky is the limit, how creative do you want to get?  So let’s skip the LQ’s, we all know they come as a pre-equipped palace on wheels.

Now, what I normally sleep on changes if the wife tags along, and why not, if camp is nicer, more comfortable, she just may hang out with this dusty old packer even more!!! For the record I rarely pack in a tent its pretty much 4 pack pads in between a folded over mantie, then my overpriced sleeping bag on top of that then covered up with another mantie, that’s camp.  Chuck thinks that my rolled-up coat for a pillow is too primitive so he packs in a big fluffy pillow with a satin pillow case. (Don’t tell him I told you) I’m happy with that set up no fuss… but that’s out the window at elk camp (due to weather concerns) or if my wife is with us!!! Then its wall tents and wood stoves, cots, tables and chairs we look like a cover picture of an outdoor magazine.  Chuck has been known to set up 2 cots then lay 2 pieces of plywood perpendicular to the cots, top that with an inflating queen size mattress with sheets and blankets if his wife comes along…I think that’s over kill, but what the heck they have a good time and that’s what it is all about.  At this point someone is reading this and thinking to their self, I thought a hammock was styling, remember I sleep under a mantie 85 nights of the year.  If you’ve got room enjoy your trip. Don’t use “well my husband needs this because of his back.” Tell the truth life is short and I want to be comfortable!!! The snow is still melting, get those cots ready….

See you on the trail.


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  • Sherry Curtis says...

    It’s nice for the wife to see where you guys spend so much time, and if you keep her comfy she just might go with you again! Good job.

    April 24, 2019

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