Add a splash of color…..

Well spring has sprung, well kinda!!  I know it’s still snowing, but folks are out messing with their stock dreaming of big adventures for this upcoming riding season. With all big adventure comes a trip to the store to buy new gear. The big surprise is people want color!!!   This strikes me a little odd since I’m pretty much a traditionalist.  White canvas and rope; what more does one need?  My saddle bags are even white canvas to match all the mantied loads on the mules.  But a little color is good, bright and cheery.  I sat in on a LNT (leave no trace) class the other day. The instructor was talking about staying away from bright colors…..when one sees those bright colors it takes away from ones wilderness experience she said.  I don’t know about that, but I know where folks are if I can see them.  Like orange at hunting season.  My youngest daughter, Sydney, she is as outdoorsy as one can get.  She hunts, fishes, and packs a string of horses and mules, but she likes pink.  So, for her birthday last week I got her a one of a kind set of pink panniers.  They are bright!!!  She loves them… She can’t wait to get out and use them, already making plans. So if a little color helps get someone out on the trail and enjoy the back country what’s wrong with that?  Get out there; enjoy the trails, wherever they lead you. After this long winter I may just buy some bright colored halters for the mules just to add a splash of color in my white canvas world!!

See you on the trail.


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