A Family or ….Two

We all have a family, whether we want to claim them or not is another issue. Your family starts with a biological set of parents, does it? Life starts with a set of biological parents a family starts with love!!! I was asked the other day does your whole family pack? (Which is a commonly asked question.) Then later that day I went to a very dear friend’s birthday party. Bud was celebrating his 74th trip around the sun. I pack with Bud every chance I get. I help Bud put up his hay, work around his place, care for his animals and he does the same for me, like family would. At some point during the celebration my son in law, calls everyone together and makes a toast. As he held his glass up and said a few very fitting words, he included thoughts and words about packing, friendship, and family. The next morning I was having coffee. I then phoned the gentlemen back who asked me just the day before, if my family packed. I asked him which family was he referring too?? The folks who raised me, the kids I raised, the wife I love and share all the joys and tears of life with? Or was he asking about my packing family…The handful of friends you share the campfire with on a cold rainy night. The one you risk your life with untangling a string of mules on a rocky cliff edge. The ones you ride out with in the dark so you can make it back to the family at home that has been feeding the animals and keeping life running normal at the ranch while keeping dinner warm until you safely arrive back home. As I poured another cup, I heard him say…So, you really have one big happy family and some do pack….I said “Yes, I do!!” Family doesn’t mean blood it means love.
See you on the trail.

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  • Jim Morris says...

    Great blog Andy. Right on the money. Jim

    October 11, 2017

  • Sharon and Britt Stratton says...

    I so look forward to your blogs. You never disappoint me. This one about “family” sure hit home. Absolutely love your blogs!

    October 11, 2017

  • Robert says...

    Excellent blog Andy, my packing family is resides in Oregon, Montana, North Carolina,West Virginia, and Georgia. Seldom do we all pack together, but. ..we all pack, together when possible . Happy trails…

    October 11, 2017

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