Fun Facts:
  • My Loves: God, Family, and Friends
  • Interests: Reading, Crafts, Hiking, and Traveling 
  • Known for: My love of ironing and finding a good bargain. 

Hi!  Judy Breland here.  I am the wife of Andy Breland.  We have been married 33 years.  People often ask me how I have put up with him for so long.  The answer is easy:  faith!  Our faith in God has taken us on many exciting adventures in life. 

I grew up in Woodinville, Washington with my Dad, Mom and brother JK.  We lived in a neighborhood with green belts and lots of woods all around.  I loved being outside exploring the woods, swinging on rope swings, riding bikes and playing all kinds of games.  We also went on an annual Mother’s Day hike.  I still really like to hike, but having horses haul all your stuff is becoming my favorite way to get into some amazingly beautiful spots in the back country.   

Andy and I were blessed with two wonderful daughters.  Both of our girls enjoy the outdoors but Melina prefers day hikes and sleeping in her own bed.  We have lived in Montana for 20 years and have enjoyed living in a smaller town atmosphere and country lifestyle.  Trailhead Supply has been a chance for us to share with many old friends and new friends our love for the great big beautiful wilderness we live by. 

Unlike Andy who packs 500 plus miles in a year, I haven’t even rode a horse that many miles in all the years we have owned them.  Not that I don’t like riding,  it is more of the fact that someone has to stay home and take care of the “B” team and run the store.  Last June I went on my first official pack trip. I rode our horse, Sis, and pulled my horse, Gus. We packed gravel for trail repair. It was a fun and successful trip. I look forward to many more trips and maybe even hitting the 500 mile mark someday. 

As far as Trailhead Supply goes I am mainly a behind the scenes supporter.  You occasionally see me working at the store or a trade show, but usually I am working at one of my other two jobs. Thank you so much for supporting our family and our business!

Happy Trails,



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