Fun Facts: 

  • Favorite Ride: Pendent Pass, something about seeing a gorgeous view on the back of a horse above 7,000 feet.
  • Favorite Place: Big Prairie: nestled on the South Fork of the Flathead River in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.
  • Favorite Things: My Wife, Family, Beer, Whiskey, Golf, Football, and Riding.
  • Biggest Accomplishment: Being awarded the Army Commendation Medal for my dedication to duty during my deployment to Kuwait and Iraq.

Hello, now that you have met, Sydney, my wife it is time for you to meet me (the lesser half). I am Jesse, Sydney’s husband; and I want to start by saying how truly blessed I am to have met her. She is dedicated, passionate, driven, and always focused on all aspects of her life; whether it is our marriage, our families, her job, or her business, she works hard to make them all better. Now, with that said, this article is about me.

Some of you have met me at trade shows, or packing clinics, or may know me by my many names, “The Son-in-Law”, “The golfer who married into a horse family”, or as I call myself “Slave Labor.”

I am from Eureka, MT, a small town about 70 miles north of Kalispell. I loved the small town pace of life and the caring attitudes of the people who lived there. This is why I think I am drawn to the packing community, where most things are done at an enjoyable pace. Everything except for getting to the trail head that is.

Growing up I had a great family, until I was a teenager, had to be them, surely it couldn’t of been me; okay it was probably me. Both my Father and his father were military, both now retired. Between them, and my coaches for football and wrestling I got a lot of discipline and a strong work ethic. I have 4 siblings; an older half-sister who grew up with her mother in San Diego, 2 younger sisters, and a younger brother. My dad loved hunting which is where I gained my appreciation for the outdoors; even though at times I would rather sleep in and watch the game, any game, then head outside. We were a sports family growing up it was a year round thing football, basketball, indoor soccer, wrestling, and baseball. If we were not playing organized sports, we were doing it in a back yard somewhere in the neighborhood.

I was naturally a mediocre athlete, so making varsity four years in wrestling, and three times in football was all hard work. I joined the Montana Army National Guard 2 days after my 17th Birthday, bound and determined to follow in my families footsteps. I did 12 years of service including a year in Operation Iraqi Freedom, a time in my life I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am a firm believer in your experiences make you who you are. 

I met my incredibly loving, and patient wife in the fall of 2007, didn’t take long before I knew that she was the one. I rushed right in and asked her to marry me a short 4 years later, okay maybe that wasn’t quite rushing. Now, I find myself in love with this woman as much as ever. She has taken up golf and I have fallen in love with her passions of the outdoors and horses. I love our stock, whether it is the horses or the mules, if we aren’t on the trail I still love just being around them in the pasture. Playing with them and petting them, just getting to know each one for who they are. 

I currently work for our local food bank. There is something very satisfying in working for a nonprofit organization and knowing that your work is going towards helping others. As for Trailhead Supply, I mainly work on the book work, but I love learning more about packing and the gear all the time. I love giving packing classes and helping to teach people about this passion so they can go and experience the trail and the wilderness for their selves.

Happy trails, I can’t wait to see you out there.



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