Fun Facts:

  • Personal: I live with my husband Jesse in Evergreen (just outside of Kalispell, MT), we have been happily married for almost 4 years.
  • Favorite Color: Hot Pink! Yes, you will see me going down the trail with my hot pink panniers.
  • Favorite Ride: The trail to Upper Holland Lake- It’s where I went on one of my first trips, so it holds a special place in my heart.
  • Place I’ve always wanted to ride: We haven’t made it to the Chinese Wall yet, but hopefully soon!
  • Other Interests: I love to hunt and fish! I have harvested both a mountain goat and moose, just waiting to draw a bighorn sheep tag now so that I can complete the Big 3 in Montana!

Hi, my name is Sydney Paine and I am one of the owners of Trailhead Supply. Many people know my dad, Andy, as the face of our store, and think I am an incredibly supportive daughter, but I am in fact his business partner. J As our previous blog about the store stated, Trailhead Supply became a reality after a conversation around a campfire. Our family loves the backcountry and one of the main goals of the store is to give others the confidence to take a trip and enjoy the wilderness.

My love of horses started at a young age. I competed in multiple Little Miss Rodeo competitions when I was growing up. My first horse’s name was Sahara, a white Arabian. There is a picture of Sahara and I hanging in the store. I got my first trail horse when I was in junior high. Chester was the best horse any girl could ask for. He was all heart, and loved to sight see as we went down the trail as much as me. He truly loved being in the backcountry and I was blessed to cover a lot of miles with him. I now ride O-Jackie-O a mare who loves to be around people more than the rest of the herd. She prefers to stand next to me at the campfire rather than standing on the highline (can you blame her?)

While Trailhead Supply is still growing I work full time at our local hospital in the IT department. I do a lot of behind the scenes work at Trailhead Supply on nights and weekends. I setup and maintain our website and social media. I also do a lot of our bookwork (my husband Jesse does bookwork for us as well, he will be featured in an upcoming blog), and I create most of the displays in the store. I always make sure to get time off of work so that I can be at a couple trade shows each year. Trailhead Supply really is a family run operation! 

Hitting the trail and heading out of cell service into the trees is my happy place. The world we live in goes so fast and technology is constantly in our faces. It’s really nice to get away from it all and relax with my family and our pack string. One of my favorite parts of owning Trailhead Supply is watching people get ready for their first pack trip, and hearing their stories when they come home. We are so incredibly fortunate that we live so close to the wilderness and can sneak away for an overnighter or a week-long trip, with little chance of seeing other people. 

I am truly thankful for each and every one of you! Without our customers we wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity in our lives. Thank you for supporting our family and our store. We hope that you share our passion of packing with us. Everyone is always welcome to stop by and have a cup of coffee, and while you probably won’t see me, I am so glad you stopped by. 

Happy Trails,


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  • Scot says...

    Howdy Sydney !

    It was good to see ya in Salmon, good to know ya still run the place and let Andy work there !!!

    Take Care,

    April 17, 2016

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