WTF…I don’t get it…..

Ok, I have to ask, because I have to know…..What is with Charter? They call nonstop they want my business….I know despite what the Obama administration is telling the world, our economy has not turned around and all businesses, more than ever, are searching for a bigger piece of their market share. I got it I’m a businessman I own a small business, but……Charter has went out and hired the folks too pushy to be used cars salesmen. They call everyday I finally blew up a few weeks ago. I told them in crystal clear packer language where the bear shits in the woods and leave me the F&%k alone. Lose my number etc. I was going to resign with our current carrier. But still my daughter, and business partner, sent them one last email because she felt we needed faster internet which they claim to have…..

Since she hit send these lame, brain dead folks, started calling me again….I ask them, did I call you?? Your daughter did, that’s right she called you, not me!!! She has a day job and can’t be reached, so email her as she requested….but they can’t they keep calling me I have this talk a couple times a day.  Now I’ve moved up the Charter chain of command I have managers of managers calling I tell them I don’t want Charter and leave me alone. I ask them is it a quest? Am I the last internet connection you don’t have?  What is the deal?  I’ve told them to email my kid she handles the phones I explain to them I’d be happy with 2 tin cans and a string. They tell me our internet is 10 times faster than some MB’s or Kb’s  or something. I try to explain I have no clue what they are talking about email the kid.  And some shit about they never had issues during Y2K. But NO they keep calling. I asked if your internet is so fast so great and wonderful why can’t you f$#@ing email her? 

Last week during one of their calls I explained she is going on vacation to a remote eskimo village in Alaska, to help her sister count homeless people and they don’t even have sat service. I explained real slow so they might understand she is going to unplug her life for a while.  Today while I’m trying to unlock the store door and turn the lights on the phone is ringing and ringing I grabbed it. Hi this is from Charter we can’t reach your daughter …….. We will have to see if he calls tomorrow because I don’t care what language you speak I’m sure he understood my dialect. 


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  • Robert Wagner says...

    Com’on Andy, don’t sugar coat it ….. Tell us how you really feel! lol

    February 25, 2016

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