What's in your fridge?

Where does the modern man get all this poor information?  Where do we come up with this nonsense? Take today, we just survived the first big storm of the season. High winds roll through last night and knocked everyone’s power out in 4 states. The average household lost power for like 4 hours, then there is me, 18 hours, but that another story.  Anyway I’m talking to all these folks today, including my mother, and their saying what a waste; I had to throw away everything in my refrigerator since we lost power…………..What????   What was wrong with the food?  It’s been 4 hours, most people leave the groceries they just purchased in the trunk of their car, after they buy them, to continue around town doing the rest of their errands and shopping longer than that.

Photo credit: Tod Fox

Photo credit: Tod Fox

Have none of you been to a third world country where they have fish hanging in an open air market? Where every now and then they take a large leaf or plastic bag to shoe the flies off, just making it more appealable for the buyer.  What about those settlers coming west by wagon train? My history books made no references to the use of generators or them dragging 1000’s of miles of extension cords.

Take myself I ride my horse weeks at a time, pulling the mules around the back country, and every now and again I reach way down in the saddle bags and WINNER!!!  I found a half of sandwich! Do I toss it out into the trees? Hell no it’s still good. I may pickoff that part that some hungry little varmint ate while spending the night in what he thought was a quaint bed and breakfast (aka my saddle bags). But it’s still good, and If I’m in a generous mood I’ll give half to Chuck…he never turns down one of my ham and cheese sandwiches. Whoa lets stop and talk about the modern day sandwich.  The bread…when I was a kid it was like hurry home from the store and mom made everything she could out of a loaf of bread because in like 2 days Dad was sawing the blue edges of mold off of it. Day three it was the joke that we were raising penicillin and none of us would get sick if we ate more bread. Now a days a loaf of bread will last weeks and weeks what did they put in it really???  How about that cheese??  Is it really cheese??  It’s orange (but so is number 3 dye) kind looks plastic…but its wrapped in plastic.  So, is the plastic wrap there to protect the plastic cheese or is it there to protect whatever the cheese comes in contact with?  Doesn’t matter it taste good am I right??  The ham, who says it’s ham? Did you see a USDA stamp on each slice? Oh that’s right the blue stamp ink causes cancer, well that’s gone we need to read the label.  We all know that ham in the refrigerator has a longer expected life span than a living and breathing Hog how can that be?  The mayo…I hate mayo for many reasons like: it makes your bread all slimy and soggy, your ham slides out the side, but mostly it reminds me of cow slobber and who eats cow slobber?

Photo credit goes to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bournemouthmike/14793229636

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