Make every moment count

We all know folks who are going through a lot of crap in their lives right now, does it seem more than normal ?   My wife and I have been talking a lot about this topic.  Seems like just about every day or two one or both of us have heard about another friend or family that is going through a rough patch.  Is it really more folks or is it just that we are so connected through all the latest high tech stuff we just hear more about it along with more of it.  Every morning I pour a cup of coffee and turn on the computer and news feeds from friends about their friends are streaming my way.  It is everything from a job issue to a unexpected death in a family, losing pasture for the horses to not enough hay in the barn for winter with a lack of money to buy more.  Health issues never seem to ease up it’s always something, some way more series than others, some life threatening some just life irritating. A major setback to one person is a small speed bump in life to the next.  My wife will tell me the whoas of someone’s life she knows and I just look up and say, so, What is the problem, deal with it.  That’s just part of life.  But to the person in the midst of their own turbulent it’s a full blown 4 alarm crisis.  I’m amazed at just how overwhelmed some folks become over some things. Maybe it is because I’m getting older but one thing I have come to realize is life is just too short. You need to get out and enjoy all that you have while you are able.  Spend time with family and friends while you can.

Get out and ride.


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