Here’s Your Sign……………

What’s wrong with people???  So as everyone probably knows NW Montana is totally burning up. In fact, today they closed the largest wilderness area in the lower 48; the Bob Marshall Wilderness, due to uncontrolled wildfires.  Montana isn’t the only state on fire so is Idaho, California and Washington, there are fires everywhere!!!  There are so many fires we don’t have enough people to fight them so we are flying firefighters in from other countries. First we were under stage one fire restriction then stage two it’s all over the news, the front page of the paper, and every internet news feed.  Even if you have tuned the whole world out and live in a cave you would still have to ask yourself why can’t I see across my yard, where did all this smoke come from, and why can’t I breath?? But still you have a handful that just need slapped up the side of the head.  On my way home a couple nights ago my neighbor is out burning trash in his yard ….What the F%$k is he thinking??? Are people just so brain dead they don’t even think anymore……….

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