Ready to Ride!

One day of sunshine and I’m ready to ride.  The sun was out, kinda warm, made it to 26 degrees; even my lost solar lights in the flowerbeds covered in snow came on tonight.  Spring is closer than you think (less than 60 days). Normally, and normally is the key word, we have a long snowy winter here in Montana, temperatures dipping well below zero, with plenty of down time to get those inside chores done, but not this year.  Winter… what winter!  Why do chores when you can play, work, anything but chores.  Less than 60 days till spring and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t even looked at my tack since I stacked all those saddles when I came in from that last elk hunt.  I’m sure that I am not the only procrastinator out there.  But with spring coming fast it is time to get those chores done regardless of the weather.  Get out that Oakwood leather conditioner and oil up those saddles, check the straps, buckles, all the hardware and even those little Chicago screws.  Anything that looks old, tired, and cracked, well now is the time to repair or replace it.  I never have seen a saddle shop in the Wilderness; don’t let a little neglect spoil a good ride. 


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