Trailer Care Part 2

Ok, let’s get back at it; we left off last time with checking those tires out “good” from slight cracking in the sidewalls, proper air pressure, to the date of mfg.  This goes for your spare as well.  While you are down on your hands and knees checking those tires, check out the wheel bearings and brakes.  Now for most of us we may need to be thinking this is the time to drag that old trailer down to the shop and have a professional take over for a while in this process.  Not everyone is a shade tree mechanic so let the pro do their thing.  In the mean time make sure they look at some things while they are under your rig.  It doesn’t matter if it’s you or the pros while under that trailer look at the frame work. If it bent, bowed or twisted get that checked right away.  Check the bottom side of the flooring if it’s made of wood look for dry rot, cracking and loose flooring planks.  Nailing plywood over the top of bad flooring is just a bandage on a gaping wound get it fixed !!!  Aluminum trailer owners check your floor as well.  If you are running in those northern states the new de-icer they pour on the roads during the snowy months is tough on aluminum.  So your floor looks good; is there wiring for the lights running along the frame?  Check to see if its old and brittle. Any bare spot that can cause a short?  Lastly, around your springs and running gear there should be grease zerts have your trailer lubed things work better when lubricated.

    Hook up to the trailer plug in the light cord how many lights come on?  If they are working proper but a little dim it could be as simple as a dirty lens.  Just pull the lens off and wash them.  Continue your walk around inspection looking for loose and broken things.  If there is rust around a nut or bolt head there is a good chance it’s loose.  Oil those squeaky doors and drop down windows. Get inside find all the loose swinging scary things your horses and mules have to deal with.  When you think you have found them all put someone you trust behind the wheel and have the drive slowly down an old road while you ride in the trailer you’ll find more rattles and squeaks than you thought you had. 

    Just remember it’s always way cheaper and easier to take care of the problems at home than on the road.  Who wants to hear your spouse or buddy telling you I told you so over and over as you walk down the road looking for cell service?

Happy Trails,


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