Back Country Cooking!

Food !!!  No matter how far you travel in or for how long you stay and even if it’s just an overnight at the trail head for an early start on that day ride, food is an essential part of any outing.  From eating a stale bag of chips out of the saddle bags, to a gourmet meal on the shore line of a tranquil blue lake.  Food is planned out, we all make a menu go shopping and pack the appropriate pots and pans.  I’m two weeks out for my first pack trip of the season and I’m already planning the menu.  The food I now pack in has come along way from that first trip.  I remember freeze dried, instant this and that and my favorite, powdered (yuk). Last summer we were having shrimp scampi and champagne.   Don’t limit your self, think outside the box… literally!!!  When you are making that menu and planning what to take, don’t forget all the extras like spices, butter or cooking oil, think about what it takes to cook the complete meal.  The planning doesn’t end with just food items, more than once I’ve had someone slip out of the darkness from another camp along a lake and ask for silverware since they forgot to bring any.  Don’t rely on the old saying that food always tastes better when you are camping.  Make the food taste better when you are camping.                    


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***This is the start of our summer food series. We will be posting a back country recipe each week along with other back country food tips and tricks. If you have a recipe that you would to share with everyone please email it to us at As always we love to hear your thoughts on the current subject in the comment section of the blog.***                                                                

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