Potatoes and Onions Recipe

Potatoes and Onions


After a long hard day in the saddle you are entitled to a big hearty meal. You need something easy, you don’t want to spend what is left of the day cooking.  Nothing fits that bill like potatoes and onions.  This is an easy fast one pot meal.

Start with 7 or 8 average size potatoes peel and dice them. Add your diced potatoes to your preheated pot; make sure to use plenty of cooking oil.

As your potatoes are cooking chop one large onion and add to your already cooking potatoes this will give your potatoes a chance to begin cooking so your onion won’t cook away while you are waiting on your spuds to get soft.

When your potatoes are about done, add some sliced kielbasa and some green beans (French cut cook faster).  Season to taste, one great meal !!! 

This feeds 2 – 3 hungry folks, Also works well in a dutch oven.  Another added bonus of this dish is all the ingredients will last toward the end of your trip without spoilage.


7 – 8 potatoes

1 large onion

1# kielbasa

1 8 oz. can French style green beans

Oil as needed (vegetable or olive)

Salt and pepper to taste

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