The Confessional

Father forgive me for I have sinned…… We’ve all said these words, in one form or another.  Everyone knows that women tell everything to their hair dresser and men tell all to the bartender.  Maybe it just comes down to having something to share to a good listener that you really don’t know.  Maybe it’s the surroundings, a crackling campfire deep in the wilderness under a clear star filled sky (a little beer never hurts either), but just opening up and sharing something personal that you just can’t tell everyone. Well, there is no fire pit in the store, not yet anyway, but folks come in, pour a hot cup of coffee, sit down in a folding chair, and start telling all!! 

A couple walked in the other day and commented on our Hunters wall of fame. This is an area we have set up for folks to hang their hunting pictures up for a little deserved bragging rights. The female of the couple was walking around talking about all the great tack and supplies we have, and could we build this and that, while the male of the pair was showing me images on his new Iphone of this monster bull elk he just shot. 

At this point one could tell the wife/girlfriend was the packer of the pair. The man asked if he could use our restroom I pointed the way.  After he left she said, “He can’t ride worth
a shit,” and leaning of the counter so no one could hear said, “He is not that great in bed, but OH MY GOD can he call elk in!!!”  What does one say? I guess we do all have a purpose in life we just need to find it … 

See you on the trail. ~Andy

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  • TomC says...

    A great story. Puzzles me that couples can be so candid to strangers. Obviously, he had skill in calling her in!

    August 16, 2017

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