Is it too early to plan next year’s elk camp?

Here is a topic that’s talked
about on pretty much a non stop basis at Trailhead Supply.  Elk Camp this, and our Elk Camp that, and
what do you think about this or that pertaining to elk camp.  Elk season ended just a month ago; and I
already have a half dozen folks looking at new wall tents to expand their camp,
or leave their existing party, and start their own camp.  Even more than that, people are asking how to
repair their wall tents. From burned out stove jacks to 6 foot long rips in the
top.  And we always have that handful of
folks now asking about bear resistant food storage containers after they got
that $250 ticket last season for leaving beer in the creek.

I could go on and on over
pack saddle issues.  Not always a saddle
problem, more like the mule rolling down the hill side breaking the saddle
issue.  Elk Camp is a big deal; it is an
expensive seven to ten days of therapy in the back country.  No cell phones, no office meetings, no
rushing to pick to kids up from day care. 
Just you, and two or three of your closest friends.  Do it right, plan ahead, scout the area, be
prepared and make memories that will last a life time.

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