Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever


OK, the holidays are over…..and it’s just under 3 months until spring and I am getting a really bad case of cabin fever.  It all started hitting me as my wife was uploading, downloading, her SD camera deal, whatever it’s technically called, to take the images of Christmas off her camera card and put them on a disk. Just what ever happened to negatives? 

Anyway, I was sitting here watching it snow and back braiding some sling ropes for my new pack saddle and I realized I can’t even use these for at least 4 months.   I looked over at the computer monitor and there were packing pictures rolling across the screen it was sunny, it was warm, and everything was green.

There was a picture of my string all in a straight line on a trail, deep in the “BOB.” Then I found myself out leaning against a frozen fence talking to Abner, he’s the mule, and a great listener, by the way.  While I was out standing in the snow cutting up the apples, that came in one of those over priced Christmas baskets, and feeding them to all the horses I asked them why does winter last so long?  The only good answer I could come up with is I need that much time to plan all my summer pack trips. 

I know that is not the reason the Lord came up with when he created the seasons but I’m going with it. 

One of the best parts of my winter planning is trying new recipes that can be cooked in the back country.  I’ve exchanged several great recipes this winter with a back country cook who works for an outfitter, and he is also looking for good, hearty and easy meals as well.

There is usually plenty of time for oiling and repairing tack, but who wouldn’t rather just eat a big helping of comfort food!!  So, do what you do in the long snowy days of winter and remember we are on the down hill slide till spring.   Winter well!!!

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