Introducing the Great Bears!

The Great Bear Canvas Panniers are the newest addition to our family of Big Sky Series panniers.  The Great Bear canvas panniers have not only that traditional look of a time tested canvas pannier, but also the eye catching flair with our Trailhead Supply green logoed nylon web trim. This is one tough pannier! Built to take all the abuse that comes with heavy packing in the backcountry.  As with all our Big Sky Series panniers they’re Big! These panniers are for those who need to bring just one more thing….the boy scout in all of us, are prepared, or for those who have never mastered rolling a sleeping bag good and tight. The Great Bear canvas panniers measure a full 29” long x 19” high and a solid 12” deep.  We started with our heavy 24 ounce canvas and used one continuous piece so there are no seams to tear out. The ends are not only double stitched in place, but the seams are glued as well. We then ran a horizontal two inch wide belly band of nylon web around the entire pannier to add even more strength and support which in turn adds added protection to your gear.  If that wasn’t enough, there are two 1 ½” wide straps that completely loop the pannier to add support to the bottom, front, and back.  The securing straps that hold these canvas panniers to your pack saddle are double layered 1 ½” green nylon web that are glued together then stitched. We have also added a handle on each end of the pannier to help assist moving these panniers around camp, the trail head, or loading the stock.  All hardware on the canvas pannier is brass or brass plated for both a great look and can handle years of constant use.

You are probably thinking those folks at Trailhead Supply named these panniers “Great Bear” because they are big and tough. That is true, they are, but the real reason is we originally built these panniers for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks as bear management team’s equipment. They pack all over the Bob Marshall Wilderness for most of the year; they worked so well we started selling them to our packing friends.

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