Who’s Thirsty?

It sure has been a hot one so far this summer.  This great weather has allowed us to get out and ride that much more. With this additional riding I have had the opportunity to ride and explore new trails that I normally pass by.  The problem I’m finding is that a lot of those trail heads don’t have water or the access to water is difficult. You know what I’m talking about; having to take one animal at a time over the bank down through the brush, at the same time that herd mentality is kicking in all the other stock are fussing and when you do get that tired thirsty horse to the creek he won’t drink. All he wants to do is get back up to his buddies and he turns and about drags you back up the hill and you go stumbling through the brush.  I know that this is not a shock to any of you. 

We have all been there and most of us are still there.  Packing 5 gallon containers in the pick-up hoping they don’t roll over and spill on that gravel access road to the trail head, so you can keep your plans of basing out of some beautiful spot and day riding out of camp for the weekend.

    All of us here at Trailhead Supply understand.  We ride every weekend.  Water is the most important need, and hardest to transport.  Feed is easy, if graze isn’t available toss in a bag of certified cubes or pellets a bale of certified hay, your golden, but water…if its not there times are tough. 

Until now… Trailhead Supply now carries 4 styles of water tanks for your horse trailer to meet everyone’s needs.  2 different models that lay in your hay rack and a triangle shaped one that fits in the corner of your tack room.  We didn’t forget about the two horse trailer owners with the tack storage under the manger.  We carry a 30 gallon tank that slides in through your access door it has an angle top making a secure spot to haul two saddles.  Now that water isn’t an issue get out and ride. 

See all of our water caddy options here.

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