A Hundred Bucks!!!

Do you want to know what really just chaps my ass???  It’s this $100 dollar limit deal on the diesel pumps.  I pull up to the pump insert my American Express Platinum with no preset spending limit and it kicks off at a $100 what is with that.  I mean really……I drive a F-350 Super Duty dully all chipped up I pull a 7 horse stock trailer loaded full of stock, it is not going to run on air, this isn’t the economy model.  We have all been there running late trying to get out of town stop to fill up and the pump kicks off at $100…why, why does it do this???  Am I pumping so much fuel the little computer thinks it’s a fuel spill?  Who makes these rules? Some pencil pushing punk that drives an electric car………….I’ll show them he thinks I’ll only let them buy a $100 worth at a time.  What a pain then you have to start all over and swipe your card again.  The other day it wouldn’t let me so I walked inside the gas station stood in line and asked the attendant my card just worked now it doesn’t….the attendant said you already used your card today one swipe a day that’s the limit.  This is America are we afraid of making money???  Let me buy all the diesel I want and go burn it up and buy some more! I don’t get it…..So I was brave I had to ask how do I get around the $100 issue?  I was told you must prepay.  This brings up two thoughts in my mind.  First I don’t know how much it’s going to cost so how can I prepay? And second I don’t want to go inside and wait 20 minutes behind some guy trying to decide what stale donut to buy. I need to go!  I have a trail to ride!

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