They Are Just Like Potato Chips

   I just don’t get it, what is wrong with us it’s like a bad, bad disease.  You see a horse and you have to have it.  The pasture is full, doesn’t matter, gotta have it.  Look at the color, the hips, that cute head gotta have it.  Its free, oh my God how am I going to tell the wife….gotta have it.  I have come to the conclusion they are just like potato chips, you just can’t have one.  You can rationalize it all you want, they are a herd animal and they need to be in a herd.  He looks so lonely out there he needs a friend.  Maybe I should get one for the grand kids so they can ride with me when they visit.  Gotta have it.  How am I going to break it to my husband?  I have a friend, she buys only bay horses so her husband couldn’t tell if a new one moved in or not while he was away on business trips.  This whole thing doesn’t just apply to horse owners, mules are just as bad if not worse.  The horse folks can say well when this one gets to old I’ll breed her ….., but mule people have to bring another mule home.  And those ears, those big floppy ears and they are always talking who can’t love a mule….My wife told me NO MORE….It is me or them….She has now found a horse she wants.  Can we afford it she asks?  I said we have no money, now what is one more.  I wonder if they have horse anonymous???  Hi I’m Andy, and I’m a horse owner……Hi Andy 

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