Staying Warm

Burr it’s getting cold out. So,
like most of us we wait till the last minute to do anything about it or fix consider
fixing the problem. With that thought in mind, you can guess what the topic of
conversation has been around the coffee pot, yep, what stove should I get for
the wall tent and will it keep me warm?

        When folks walk into our display tent here at the store, most
stop look at the stove and oven setup we have and say that’s really, really
awesome but  I’d never need one that
big.  Here is the deal with wood stoves
for your tent. It’s not how big the tent you are trying to heat is, or how cold
is it outside, or how much snow is going to fall, but how big are your kidneys
or your partner’s kidneys?  If one of you
has to get up every couple of hours to go visit Mother Nature then you don’t
need a big fire box because one of you can toss a stick in every trip by the
stove.  If you are like me head hits the
pillow and see you sometime tomorrow then here are the facts you need to know.

        The Little Amigo stove by Riley Stove Company will easily
heat a 10’x12’ wall tent, but the fire box is so small it can only keep a fire
for one to two hours.  Where as the TrailBoss can hold heat all night long keeping that tent warm and toasty for you to
pull those boots on and add a couple of logs in time to cook breakfast. Is the
Little Amigo a bad choice? Not at all; it weighs a 1/3 of the Trail Boss, is
way more compact and easy to pack. Where as the Trail Boss, because of size,
takes half a mule. The smaller stoves are great for fishing and spike camps; whereas,
the Trail Boss is designed for heating large outfitter tents and cooking for a
crowd. Both will heat the average tent. You need to find a stove that works
well and fits your needs.  With a warm
tent you can start your tent camping earlier in the season and extend your stay
well past hunting season.  Get out and
enjoy the back country every chance you get!


Trailhead Supply

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