When I was a kid I never drug stray puppies home and begged to keep them.  Never wanted a cat, had a few goldfish and a little dog, and I was happy.  But now I can hardly pass up a free horse or mule.  That leads us to Molly a solid black mule with 4 white socks, and just a sweet heart.  She loads, leads, and is the easiest thing to catch, almost too easy.  Molly is not in your pocket she is attached to you or at least me.  The best part is she was free!!!  A friend of mine couldn’t keep her and asked if I would take her.  How could I say no?  I picked her up and was hauling her home after I got off work.  I knew my wife should have already left for work and I could get her unloaded and introduced to the herd and then figure out how to break the news that I had a new mule.  But she was running late leaving, and I passed her in the driveway, she pulled over to let me by. She waved, I waved, my cell phone rang, I couldn’t reach it (no really, it slid off the seat) It kept ringing…..After I unloaded her and went in the house I gave her a call back. 


My wife said, “Did you have an extra horse in the trailer?”……

“Nope,” I said.

 “Are you sure she asked???” 

“Yep”, the only horse in there was Chop, my big grey draft cross. 

She said, “It sure looked like there was another horse in there.” 

I said, “I swear there was only one horse in the trailer.”


By the time my wife got home it was good and dark making it hard to see a black mule in the field.  The following morning it was still dark as she left before the sun came up.  This went on for a couple of days.  I was at work when I received a text message on my phone.  What is the mule’s name? I quickly typed back, Molly.  The phone buzzed again, how long is it going to be staying with us?  I’m not sure, probably a while I typed back.  Communication stopped at that point.  A couple of hours passed and I received another text message.  She is really cute!   I knew then it was safe to go home.

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