Pass the Salt Please….

Everyone says food always
taste better in the back country.
true, it does, fresh air, hard work, along with that extra little pinch of
spice, that you doctor would frown on, all adds up to some great eating.
  I pack in my plenty of spices to make the
finishing touches to any meal perfect.
But the one spice that doesn’t seem to pack well is salt.  I have a hard time with salt, if it gets damp
it clumps, if I get the cardboard container it always seems to get smashed
split and everything is covered in salt.
But you have to have it; it’s the #1 seasoning.  Well, I have solved the problem, a grinder! You
can buy a small grinder with salt included for just a few cents more than that
junky cardboard one. It’s adjustable so you can go from fine to course.
  Pepper comes in theses as well.  Now, as I sit at my roll-a-table with the
best view in
I am dining with all the amenities of a 5 star restaurant.

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