The Pack Saw

Pack saws are a must have!!  I carry one, Chuck my packing partner carries
one, in fact about everybody I pack with carries one.
 I don’t know about in your part of the world,
but up here in the Northern Rockies there is always blow down across the trail and
if not today, the next time the wind blows there will be.
  No way would I leave a trail head without
  At some point you will come to a
log, a blow down, or a small tree with a pile of branches pointing every which
way. Looking around you will notice no easy way around it and sometimes you can
jump it or step over it, but with a string one of the gang has to stop and
think about it and you start popping break aways then you have half of the
stock on the clear side wanting to go and half the mules on the other side hung
up in branches. You are out of the saddle pulling them over then retying them
all back together.
  You are probably going
to need a saw to cut firewood for tonight’s fire anyway, so take a saw.
  If I’m going on an extended trip like a 10
day elk hunt I take my big crosscut saw as well.
  I’m a big fan of the 18 to 21 inch fixed blade saws, they hang nicely under your riding saddle, and you don’t even
notice them.
  Much over 21” the scabbard
tends to rub on the back of the animal’s front leg and bangs the front of the
rear leg.
  Also, just my 2 cents about
those small folding saws… cutting wood is no joy to start with and it is a lot
of hard work. Why make it any harder?
Leave those little folding saws at home to trim the roses.  One last note, always pack that saw in a
protective sheath.


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