First Horse…

I sold a
horse this week for a friend.  The new
owner is thrilled!!!  He assures us this
horse will be well cared for and will want for nothing.  He is new to the horse world and just can’t
wait to get his new mare home. The next day he called and asked if I could haul
her to his new home tomorrow?  No, I said,
I’ve got to work all day and I’ll be busy all weekend.  But if you feel comfortable with loading her
feel free to use my trailer.  I received
a call later the next day informing me she had been moved and that all had went
well and there was a thank you in the trailer. 
Upon getting home I peeked into the trailer and there was a bottle of
adult beverage.  I went out to do my
evening chores, starting with feeding my horses. The first one to the fence to
great me was the mare I had just sold.  A
little confused I called the new proud horse owner.  I said howdy just checking in, how did
everything go today?  Great he said.  She loaded good, unloaded great; I walked her
around the whole ranch.  Showed her where
the water is. Then, I got out all my new brushes, I brushed her for over three
hours, trimmed her mane and her tail. 
She looks beautiful!!!  I could
hardly contain myself… I said I’m so glad you had such a great day with
her.  He said we have been getting along
just great.  I said perfect, except one
small thing. He said what’s that? I said you took my gelding I’m here, feeding
your mare.

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