Why Don’t People Just Listen?

are all an expert about something, or at least more knowledgeable about one
thing than another.  Your friends ask you
all the time for your opinion on any given topic, why?  They don’t really know the answer or they are
validating their own knowledge on that topic. 
This happens all the time here at Trailhead Supply. Folks come in, pour
a cup of coffee, and wait until the store is pretty much empty, and then they
say, “Hey I have a question for ya.”

they take the advice given? You would hope so, but not always.  Take the other day, an older, regular
customer, walks in and tells me he bought a new dutch oven, got a screaming
deal on it.  He didn’t buy it from us.  It was an import and he was hoping
he didn’t get screwed to bad on the deal. The first thing was, it wasn’t pre-seasoned,
just raw cast iron.  After I pointed out
that it needed to be seasoned, he asked well how do I season it?   I told him the easiest way is to go get some
Crisco and rub it all over the inside and out, then put it in your propane barbeque
upside down.  That would bake on that
grease and the extra would run off keeping the mess all outside. Let it bake an
hour plus then turn off the barbeque and just let it naturally cool down. Then do
the processes all over again.  I told him
as ruff as the cast is on that imported oven he may have to do this 3 or 4
times before he uses it.  Don’t worry
about putting to much Crisco on it needs a lot!!! 

following Saturday the phone rings, it’s Mr Dutch Oven, and he asks if I’m busy,
I said well I’m with a customer.  I’ll
call you back he said and hangs up.  When
I was on the phone with him I heard this beeping sound in the background.  He called back 4 more times before I had a
chance to have a true conversation with him. 
But each time over the course of 5 phone calls I heard this beeping
sound.  Finally,  I said what can I do for you? He was double
checking a recipe he wanted to cook in that new dutch oven he had showed me
early in the week.  I couldn’t take it
any longer I had to ask …..Hey what is that beeping in the back ground are you
about to get run over by a dump truck backing up or what??  He said nope I’m seasoning my dutch oven. I
sprayed some of that pam cooking spray on it and put it in my oven. The whole
house has been full of smoke all morning that’s the smoke detectors going
off.   The following week I found his
dutch oven in the back of my pick up with a note that said could you season it
for me please? I couldn’t take the smoke anymore!!!

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