The Not So Super, Super Bowl

Who watched the Super Bowl
last Sunday?  It would probably be an
easier question to ask, who didn’t watch the Super Bowl?  For the handful of Americans that didn’t, the
Seahawks “won” the game, but they didn’t win the game.  I have never seen a team try so hard to
loose, or give a game away without being paid to take a dive, as the Broncos
did.  The real problem, in this armchair
quarterbacks opinion, is their head was never in the game, NEVER !!!  You saw it in the eyes of Manning after that
first botched hike that went for a safety. They were done. I should have gone
home and got something done around the ranch, except the food at my kids super
bowl party was to good to leave. 

You see this same thing a lot
at the trail head as well.  The pressure is
on; it is the big trip of the year.  You
could hardly get away from work,  you are
in the middle of that big project and were on your cell phone the whole time
you were loading stock and then again while driving to the trail head until you
ran out of service.  You are now saddling
the stock thinking about work. Your mantying up loads while worrying about this
and that. Then you realize you left whatever on the table, when you were
walking out the door, and you meant to pick up whatever at the tack store this
week, but got side tracked and forgot. Now you have to make a temporary repair
before you swing into the saddle. You are worrying about what else you have
forgotten and work. You tie the string together and take off, you are not even
out of site of the truck when you roll a pack saddle.  You forgot to tighten a cinch.  Come on, get focused, don’t get pissed at the
mule. It is your fault, not his.  Your
mule is ready to go, he knows his job, and he is ready to do it.  It is your head that’s not in the game.  Don’t pack your stock like the Denver Broncos
play football. And don’t just skip along like the Seahawks, thinking it’s your
time and everything will be handed to you. 

Trail riding alone, not to
even mention, pulling a pack string has all the potential of something going
wrong on a good day, so be ready for it. Do everything you can to avoid
disaster, and have a great trip.  Work
will always be there, along with all those projects, at home.  Time in the back country doesn’t happen near
enough.  Kick back, relax, and catch some
fish. Now, this is the real super bowl. 

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